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Dr Rachel Silverman and Synergy Eleven started working together in the early stages of both companies. Dr Silverman had just decided to start her independent practice as a child psychologist and needed an agency that could help her build a website, create branding, establish an online presence and acquire new clients.

Synergy Eleven was able to come to the table, understand what the goals were for such a marketing campaign, and with that in mind craft a digital strategy that will allow her to accomplish her goals of becoming a well-established Psychologist.

Synergy Eleven was also able to establish a digital infrastructure for Dr. Silverman to build on providing her and her practice with a website that allowed her to showcase her knowledge to the community, combined with continuous SEO, Social Media Management, and branding. The combination of both services that entailed her digital strategy allowed her to reach new clients, gain exposure and establish a brand that any patient could trust.

Years later after the partnership was established, her hard work, dedication, and professionalism had allowed her to become a beacon of child psychology in South Florida and United States. Rachel is now a Board-Certified Licensed Psychologist, Board Certified in Couple & Family Psychology, and served as president of the Florida Psychological Association.

Her outstanding work with patients, branding and community involvement combined with the proper digital strategy implemented and managed by Synergy Eleven have helped her become the pillar of psychology she is today and to be part of different media events such as being a featured guest on Miami’s radio station Power 96.5 (CBS Radio Stations Inc.) morning show, and a co-host every Wednesday morning from 8-9am on the Steve-O and Rene show (WBZT radio, station 1230 AM). Where she discussed various mental health topics and answered questions live on the radio. She has also been the guest speaker at local events including the National Eating Disorder Association hosting first-ever walk on Boca campus: ( )

Featured on CNN International, articles on Yahoo, Palm Beach Post, and in the Boca Raton Observer magazine. Here is a link to a few of the articles:

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